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 Newborn Care Specialist


Moonlight Baby Care's goal is to create a smooth and successful transition for you, your baby, and your family during the newborn/infant stage. 

Typically, we work with families from the first day a baby comes home from the hospital, and I leave a family by the time a baby is 12 weeks old. In some cases, the length of the assignment may be longer if needed by the family. Every baby is different, and every family requires a unique strategy.

Services Included:

  • Take primary care of baby either throughout the night, day or on a 24/7 schedule

  • Work on sleep conditioning and daytime schedules to insure good sleep habits

  • Provide breastfeeding support for nursing moms or bottle feeding

  • Help with proper bathing techniques/dressing needs

  • Perform bottle preparation, cleaning, and sterilization

  • Educate parents on various types of formulas available

  • Burping and Changing

  • Assist in setting the nursery

  • Teach calming and soothing techniques for baby

  • Teach infant massage methods to parents

  • Help in identifying reflux and other conditions

  • Maintain a thorough log of eating, sleeping, and behavioral patterns

  • Treat diapers rashes, umbilical and circumcision care, reflux, colic, swaddling, and educate on how to set up the family for success 

  • Take over complete care of the newborn at night to provide parents time to sleep

We're available to travel to your family or with your family

Lactation Support

Six months old baby boy drinking breastm

Breastfeeding/Nursing is a skill that you and your baby need to learn.

The process is not always easy, and I can help you get the hang of nourishing your infant from breast to bottle with breastfeeding support.

Moonlight Baby Care will guide and educate you on: 

  • How to correctly breastfeed your baby

  • Assistance with Pumping/Expressing breastmilk

  • Latch and Positioning to best accommodate you and your baby during the feedings

  • Clogged ducts

Sleep Conditioning

Sleeping Baby

Get the good night's sleep you both need.

When babies don't sleep, their parents don't either, and for many, sleep deprivation can be a difficult part of new parenthood; bringing with it an increased risk of postpartum depression and anxiety.


Moonlight Baby Care offers gentle sleep conditioning for your child.  Helping the baby learn how to fall asleep without help. A child who can fall asleep independently is a child who can fall BACK to sleep when she wakes between sleep cycles at night, or during a nap, and who sleeps through the night and takes long, consistent, restorative naps.


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