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About Marina

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I was born in Israel and moved with my family to Brazil when I was seven years old. I bring my international upbringing experiences and joy for life to my work. I believe that pursuing my passion is the best way to explore and reach my full potential. 

For over twenty years, I have been working with children (newborns, infants, and toddlers), and a few years ago, I discovered that my real passion is to work with newborns and infants.

After investing in different specific training (Newborn Care, Sleep Training, Lactation Educator, and many more), I decided to transition into a full-time Newborn Care Specialist.

As families bring their newborns home, supporting them is vital and one of the most emotional and beautiful moments I have experienced.


I enjoy providing reassurance and knowledge to guide parents in creating a comfortable, loving, and healthy atmosphere for their new family.  My top priority is safety and happiness in the developing progress of newborns/infants.


Understanding that having a baby, whether as a first-time parent or adding siblings to a family can be overwhelming, and my gentle guidance allows families to truly enjoy the newborn phase making a stress free environment for both baby and parents. 


I'm here to help to make this transition smooth and happy with your little bundle of joy!

Marina Hollender

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