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What Happy Parents Say

Marina treated our child with so much care and loving tenderness. She soothed her when she was fussy, cuddled her to sleep and created a nurturing environment that not only made my baby calm and peaceful but also made me feel comfortable leaving the baby in the nursery to get some much needed rest throughout the night. Marina kept me informed at every feeding of our daughter's progress and sleep patterns, talked to me to keep me awake for late-night feedings, and became a friend to us in just a few short weeks. She made us feel more confident and comfortable as new parents and was a pleasure to be around. She is punctual, discreet, kind, thoughtful, and extremely caring.


​Lauren S.


We hired Marina before coronavirus became a concern in Los Angeles, but the city’s lockdown rules came into effect before we visited. We were concerned about the health of our newborn and family as well as Marina’s, but we were able to have great candid conversations before she started to understand all the precautions Marina was taking to keep everyone safe.


Marina proactively reached out to communicate all the steps she was taking to self isolate and be as safe as possible in the weeks leading in to joining us for nights with our newborn. She took her temperature before each visit (as we did) and did her initial consultation in a face mask and open to any requests we had for coronavirus safety. 

Marina also took the active initiative to get a test for coronavirus as soon as they become more widely available in LA, which I deeply appreciated.


Marina is someone I felt like I could trust with the safety and health of my family and we were very glad to have her stay with us during the lockdown when we lacked so many other areas of expected support. 


I would recommend her at any point, but even more so than this time of health concerns due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Paull Y.

Marina goes above and beyond to make sure the family feels cared for, and she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and help with whatever is needed. The first few months of parenthood are tough and we had no idea what we were doing, but Marina made it so much easier.


She always took the time to talk with us about any challenges were were facing and she provided valuable insight that helped us learn about our baby’s development. She also has a fantastic Amazon list that is full of her favorite baby items, some of which we ended up purchasing. You must see this list!


Marina is kind, caring, empathetic, genuine, honest, patient, punctual, and a pleasure to be around. Her positive spirit lifted us up when we were exhausted from the daily grind. We are thrilled to have had the chance to meet her and she will always be a part of our family. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to work with Marina. She’s a true gem!

Rebecca W.

Baby U. was seven weeks old when Marina started working with us.


Although originally she was supposed to sleep condition Ula, due to my daughter’s low weight gain, the plan was abandoned, and we had to feed Ula intensively.  Marina was very understanding and professional about the changes in the situation, and was able to adapt to the new requirements - frequent breastfeeding, fast response to baby’s hunger signs and fussiness.


Marina is good at showing initiative: she helped me to get in touch with a great lactation consultant, and was very helpful and thoughtful throughout this stressful and intense period for my high needs daughter.


Marina is very punctual and reliable, compassionate and responsible, kind and respectful. She is a good team player and generous with her knowledge and experience. She is very flexible and caring and is eager to accommodate babies and mother’s changing needs and parenting styles.

Vita C.

Marina joined us full-time when our daughter was four months old, and was a huge help. She’s responsible and thoughtful about her work, and she genuinely cares about doing it well. She was incredibly sweet and loving with our daughter, and with our older daughter as well, who she would often play with in the mornings.


She was flexible and willing to help however we needed her, and was always responsive to any feedback we offered. And she’s a good, kind person, which is honestly the most important thing when you’re hiring somebody to hang out in your house all night during one of the most stressful periods in your life !

Aaron B.

Marina was always concerned with our daughter’s growth, sleep, eating habits, and daily schedule. She always treated me with nothing but patience and abundance kindness; something I was very grateful for as I learned everything that I implement today. She reminded me through her techniques that newborn care can be so simple, all while advocating for my own rest and self-care along the way.

It is a huge relief to have your child in the hands of someone so wonderful while you are recovering, and I’m very grateful that I had a chance to have Marina helping and supporting us.

Edith M.

Marina has been an absolute blessing for our family for the past four years. She gently helped us navigate the challenges of being first time parents. She also cared for our second son from the time we came home from the hospital until she left the position. She has a special gift with newborns, pouring love, patience, and care into the seemingly endless diaper changes, baths, and bottle feedings required.   


Over the years, Marina became our trusted partner in child-rearing. We regularly solicited, and always valued, her insight and advice on our sons' social, cognitive, and emotional development.                        


​Betsy Z.

Marina was extremely loving, gentle, and attentive to him, which was so important to us.  She quickly established a great rapport with us as well as a very nurturing relationship with our son. Marina is very reliable, always positive and cheerful, and extremely trustworthy. She was highly motivated to learn as much as she could and performed to her best capacities.

Gabriela V.

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